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What are the criteria for choosing an inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-18
What are the criteria for choosing an inkjet printer? How do manufacturers choose a high-quality inkjet printer? 1. Environmental adaptability: The fully sealed shell and high protection level can adapt to the harsh production environment. 2. Printing effect: It is required that the printing fonts are clear and beautiful, which can meet the printing needs, the clarity of the printing fonts and the adhesion of the ink on the product.

3. After-sales service: The quality of after-sales service of a product can evaluate the comprehensive strength of a product.

4. Stability: The machine should be stable and the failure rate should be low. The stable performance of the inkjet printer should be the first goal pursued by all manufacturers. The cij printer needs to be regularly maintained and the consumables originally supplied by the manufacturer should be used. 5. Speed: The inkjet printer must be able to meet the production speed of the production line, especially in the high-speed production of beverages, beer and other food industries. of trouble. 6. Convenient operation: In today's era of advocating the optimization of industrial structure, the simplicity of the cij printer is more demanded, and the operation and maintenance are simpler. 7. High cost performance: The low price and high quality shall prevail, and various costs, including selling price and service, shall be considered comprehensively.
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