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What are the defects of the inkjet printer in the bottle cap printing? _Inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-20

In the production of bottle caps, cij printers often have problems. And a small bottle cap printing problem will lead to a decline in the output of the entire workshop. So what are the shortcomings common to enterprises? Let's talk about it by Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd.:

1. It is easy to miss, crooked or half-printed. These defects are mainly caused by equipment failures, such as: uneven height of the bottle, a slightly higher bottle will bump the nozzle of the printer, resulting in missed and crooked printing; improper debugging of the printer will cause half-printing, etc.

2. Marking wear. Before the beer is sealed, the code is normal. After the box is sealed, the code on the bottle cap is worn out, especially the four corners in the box are worn out. The reason for this phenomenon is mainly related to the adaptability of the size of the equipment, causing excessive friction between the four corners of the carton and the bottle cap.

3. The handwriting is not clear. The bottle cap can only achieve clear and stable coding quality when it is dry and free of oil. Therefore, the general brewery is equipped with a blowing device in front of the coding machine. If the wind pressure is insufficient, the water stains on the bottle cap will not be blown cleanly, or the wind itself will be dirty and oily, which will easily cause the spread of the writing after the coding. If the blowing device is installed in the front, also pay attention to whether the contact part of the labeling machine with the bottle cap is clean and free of water stains.

In response to this situation, the Factory Technology Co., Ltd. reminds companies to understand the causes of defects that often occur in the application of cij printers in order to find a solution.

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