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What are the differences between UV inkjet printers and small character inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-14
Regarding UV inkjet printers and small character inkjet printers, both belong to ink inkjet printers, but what is the difference between the two? Next, the inkjet printer manufacturer will give you an analysis from the four perspectives of the working principle, application industry, printing height and market price of the two. I believe that after reading the difference between the two, you can quickly choose the inkjet that suits you. Code machine. 1. The working principle is different. The small character inkjet printer adopts continuous inkjet technology (Continuous ), which uses the charged deflection method of the ink to offset the ink dots from the normal flight path, and shoots them to the surface of the target printing material to form dots. Array to form words, numbers or graphics. UV inkjet printer is a high-resolution inkjet printer (a new type of inkjet printer), using drop on demand inkjet technology (Drop On Demand) piezoelectric cij printer, the ink is not recycled, the ink density is consistent, no need Adding thinner (solvent), the operating cost is lower than the small character inkjet printer. 2. Different small character inkjet printers in the application industry have many applications for inkjet printing on food, beverages, pipes, medical packaging, alcohol, cables, daily cosmetics, electronic components, PCB circuit boards and other products, suitable for inkjet printing The content mainly includes the production date, expiration date, shelf life, LOGO pattern, counter, time information, etc. The resolution of the printing and traceability QR code is not high. UV inkjet printers are favored by manufacturers in various application industries due to their ink characteristics. UV inkjet printers can be dried and cured immediately after being irradiated by the ultraviolet curing lamp, with good stability, and can achieve inkjet marking on various materials. Various variable data can be printed online in real time, including barcodes, QR codes, date and time, counters, LOGO, graphics, forms, databases, etc., widely used in food, medicine, daily chemicals, label printing, card printing, and packaging Printing, medical, electronics, hardware and other industries. 3. With different printing heights, the printing height of small character cij printers is generally between 1.3mm-12mm. Many inkjet printer manufacturers will advertise that their equipment can print 18mm or 15mm in height. In fact, it is rarely possible during normal operation. In general, at such a height, the nozzle is too far away from the product, and the printed characters will be very scattered. It seems that the quality of the printing effect will be greatly reduced, and the dot matrix may also be irregular, which affects the product quality. The printing height of UV inkjet printers is much higher than that of small character cij printers. For example, UV inkjet printers can reach 54mm without splicing. For example, multi-jet splicing expansion can reach up to 129.6mm, which can achieve high definition. Inkjet code, and the recognition rate of the printed two-dimensional code is as high as 99%, which is especially suitable for products that require 'anti-counterfeiting traceability, one item, one code'. 4. The market price is different. Compared with UV inkjet printers, the price of small character inkjet printers is cheaper. The price of a UV inkjet printer is 3-4 times that of a small character inkjet printer. The inks used by the two are different. UV ink is an ink that needs ultraviolet radiation to dry. The ink density is consistent and does not need to add a thinner (solvent); the small character ink is a normal ink and needs to be added. Even if it is not turned on, the ink volatilization will be reduced. The above is the content shared today. I think the editor of the inkjet printer manufacturer has shared it well. You can follow the official website of the inkjet printer:, if you need to know about the inkjet printer equipment, welcome to call: 020-87227827.
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