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What are the difficulties for the inkjet printer to print on the woven bag?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27

The anti-counterfeiting code spraying requirements for woven bags are relatively high. There are multiple links between the finished product and the sale of woven bag packaging products, and the coding markings need to be wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Ordinary cij printers are generally difficult to have good adhesion on woven bags, and are not wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Therefore, in the process of selecting woven bags, it is necessary to meet the requirements of wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and to ensure that the marking effect is very good. The adhesion.

manufacturers have 20 years of experience in the marking industry. It is recommended to use UV inkjet printers for woven bag industry logos. For example, after woven bags such as rice bags and fertilizer bags, UV cij printers are printing After completion, it needs to be cured by ink. The cured woven bag logo has the characteristics of good gloss, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and good adhesion. In addition to the woven bag industry, the cij industrial inkjet printer can also be applied to glass fiber, silicon, plastic, porcelain, metal, rubber and other materials, which can meet all customer needs for industrial coding. manufacturers are committed to system industry solutions for product inkjet coding, and provide a full range of labeling solutions in line with the actual production line conditions of customers. The cij printer is economical and practical, low cost, simple to maintain, and reliable in operation.
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