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What are the factors that affect the printing effect of UV inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-10
What are the factors that affect the coding effect of UV cij printer equipment? Whether you are a user or supplier of coding equipment, you should all know a little bit so that you can better deal with the quality of the printing effect of UV inkjet printers and make corresponding troubleshooting and adjustments. The main factors that affect the printing effect of UV inkjet printers include working environment, ink problems, product materials, ink supply negative pressure, curing lamp problems, etc. The general requirements for the working environment of UV cij printers are: temperature 0℃-45℃, An environment with a humidity of 15%-75%, and a good grounding. 1. Environmental impact The assembly lines of some manufacturers do not meet the requirements due to the working environment, the temperature is too low or too high, and the humidity is too high or too low, causing the UV inkjet printer to fail to achieve the normal printing effect. 2. Ink problems The characteristics of UV ink include viscosity, surface tension, PH value, conductivity and other aspects. Different products use inks with different characteristics to achieve the best printing effect. 3. Product material One kind of ink can not achieve good printing effect on all materials of products, such as carton and plastic film with strong permeability, the printing effect will be different when using the same UV ink. The lower the negative value of the negative pressure of the UV inkjet printer, the more ink is supplied, and the ink is easy to accumulate. The higher the negative value of the negative pressure, the less ink supply, and the ink breakage is likely to occur. That is, insufficient negative pressure of the nozzle will cause ink leakage, and excessive negative pressure will hinder the ejection of ink droplets, so it must be adjusted to a suitable negative pressure value to achieve the best printing effect. 5. Curing lamps and other problems UV cij printers generally need to be equipped with LED curing lamps, except for a small number of materials that do not need to be cured and dried. If most materials are not cured, the printing effect may not meet the needs. In addition, when there is a problem with the computer system and software, the printing effect may also be poor. manufacturers hereby warn you that it is necessary to maintain more inkjet equipment and learn more about the daily use specifications of inkjet equipment. The above is the information shared by the editor of the inkjet printer. If you need to know more Regarding inkjet printer products, please call us: 020-87227827
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