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What are the functions of the handheld printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

manufacturers can produce a variety of inkjet printers, including handheld cij printers that use electricity. Judging from the current market feedback, we can know that the handheld inkjet printer is effective and the after-sales service of the handheld inkjet printer is also good, so many manufacturers are more willing to choose this type of inkjet printer for production. So what are the unique features of the handheld inkjet printer? 1. There are few consumables, so you can choose a variety of inks. Hand-held inkjet printers require too many consumables, because this type of inkjet printer does not require cleaning agents, solvents and other consumables, only ink cartridges. For hand-held cij printers with good performance, there are many types of ink in the ink cartridges to choose from, including quick-drying and slow-drying. For manufacturers, the use of hand-held printers means that there are a variety of inks to choose from. There are many unique characteristics in ink color, drying speed and permeability, and there are many options.

2. Abundant inkjet printing, flexible and simple to use. The working principle of the hand-held inkjet printer with reasonable price is basically the same as that of the high-resolution inkjet printer, because the nozzle technology of the hand-held inkjet printer also uses film. Solenoid valve, there are many choices in inkjet printing fonts and lines, including two or more lines, dot matrix, solid and built-in fonts. Moreover, the handheld inkjet printer can also print various trademark patterns and other graphics. It is also very important that the handheld inkjet printer is novel and compact, and can be operated online, so it is flexible and reliable both in use and in the process of moving and carrying. The hand-held inkjet printer is the only one in the above-mentioned aspects, which is also the main feature that distinguishes it from other types of inkjet printers. It can be seen that the handheld inkjet printer is particularly unique. However, it should be noted that if it is a high-speed production line, it is not suitable to use a hand-held cij printer, because relatively speaking, the high-speed production line requires faster ink drying speed.

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