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What are the hazards of inferior inkjet printer consumables to the machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-24
Nowadays, some machines are very important to the consumables used, and this is also very particular. Therefore, when purchasing, you must buy some more formal consumables, otherwise it will cause great harm to the printer. , Next, I will share some details with you: the harm of inferior cij printer consumables to the machine, I hope this will help everyone.   The first point: It costs money, and the effect is not good. Inferior consumables will use a lot of ink, resulting in higher ink costs for the printer. Because the concentration of counterfeit and inferior ink is low, solvents are not needed to dilute it. In this way, the same amount of goods will be printed with counterfeit ink. This loss is also invisible.   The second point: The failure rate of the machine will also be greatly increased. Due to the low price of counterfeit and inferior cij printer consumables, raw materials with coarser particles are generally used. This raw material will wear the gear pump and easily damage the customer's machine pump. Often a machine uses consumables 1500-4000 yuan a year. Even if the cost of consumables can be saved, the production loss caused by machine failure is immeasurable. If gear pump damage occurs, the loss will be more direct and huge. Counterfeit consumables will It directly affects the service life of the pump.   The third point: The damage to the body is relatively large. The addition of formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful substances to the human body in counterfeit, fake and inferior commodity consumables exceeds the standard, and long-term use will damage the health of workers. Regarding the harm of inferior cij printer consumables to the machine, I will share with you in detail here. I hope you should check a specific situation of the consumables before proceeding. Secondly, you need to pay attention to some specific materials when purchasing. Avoid buying some bad materials.
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