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What are the ingredients of inkjet printer ink?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03
inks are used in inkjet printers. Different brands of inkjet printers have different types of cij printer inks. Different cij printers have different physical and chemical technical parameters. Therefore, different brands of inkjet printers cannot Instead, what are the main components of the inkjet printer ink? 1. Adhesive Binder is the main component of the inkjet printing ink, which acts as a pigment carrier to enhance the adhesion of the inkjet printing on the surface of the object. The binder can be dissolved in the solvent, and the proportion is 5.0% to 10.0% of the total weight of the ink. 2. Solvent

In inkjet printing inks, solvents play a decisive role in the performance of cij printer inks. It is required to be able to quickly dissolve colorants, adhesives and other components, and have a certain degree of volatility, so that the drying speed can be effectively controlled during the inkjet printing process of the inkjet printer.

3. Connecting material As the main component of cij printer ink, it gives the ink appropriate viscosity, fluidity and transfer performance, and makes the pigment adhere to the surface of the printed matter through film formation after printing. The binder is often referred to as a varnish. The rheology, viscosity, neutrality, acid value, color, water resistance and printing performance of the ink mainly depend on the binder. 4. Coloring agent The coloring agent has sufficient solubility in the solvent, and has good miscibility with other components in the ink, and has good weather resistance and aging resistance. Organic solvents have good electrical conductivity and can provide certain electrical conductivity. The colorant accounts for about 3.0% to 8.0% of the ink weight, subject to the desired color depth. 5. The pigment is a kind of powder that is insoluble in water and organic solvents. These powders may be colored, black or white high-dispersion powders. According to their source and chemical composition, these powders can be divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments. There are two major categories of pigments. 6. Filler Filler has the characteristics of reducing the amount of pigment, adjusting the properties of ink, such as ink thinning and fluidity, and improving the flexibility of formula design. How fast the ink of the inkjet printer dries, whether the product logo can be printed on the product in the expected form, and whether it will adhere to the product as the product is used. The requirements for marking are the subdivision of ink types and the use of appropriate models when the printer is running.
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