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What are the installation methods of the printer synchronizer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-07

What are the installation methods of the printer synchronizer?

First: In the actual situation of the shaft-shaft connection in the installation of the printer synchronizer, it is necessary to first find the position of the driving shaft of the conveyor belt, and detect whether the driving shaft is exposed. Usually, only the exposed driving shaft can be installed. Another condition is whether the driving shaft has a small shaft diameter, and it is not suitable for a diameter larger than 5 mm. If the above two conditions are met, the installation scheme of shaft-shaft connection can be considered first. The shaft of the synchronizer is usually 5 mm or less. The easiest installation method is to prepare a plastic hose with an inner diameter of 5 mm slightly smaller. According to the installation position of the printer's synchronizer, intercept the corresponding length of the hose, one end of the hose covers the driving shaft of the conveyor belt, and the other end covers the rotating shaft of the synchronizer. The installation scheme of shaft-axis connection is the best installation method. This method ensures that the signal received by the synchronizer is synchronized with the driving shaft of the conveyor belt, and the error caused by slippage is avoided from the source.

Second: line-line connection If the installer does not find the conditions for shaft-axis connection on site, then only the line-line connection scheme can be considered. The so-called line-line connection is the point contact between the pulley installed on the rotating shaft of the printer's synchronizer and the conveyor belt. When the conveyor belt moves, it drives the rotation axis of the pulley and the synchronizer to move. The motion relationship between the rotating shaft and the belt is related to the diameter of the pulley. The larger the pulley, the smaller the rotation frequency of the rotating shaft, and vice versa. In general, a suitable installation location can always be found at the installation site. After the synchronizer mounting bracket is fixed. Check the tightness of the contact between the pulley and the belt of the synchronizer, it should not be too tight, otherwise the eccentric force generated will seriously affect the service life of the rotating shaft. Light touch is best.

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