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What are the main advantages of the egg printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-16
The main function of the egg cij printer is to improve our time efficiency for inkjet coding. Adding a single manual operation will cost a lot of time. This is also what we need to consider, and this kind of machine can greatly enhance our effectiveness. So, what are the main advantages of the egg printer? Next, I will tell you about the characteristics in detail.  1, the printing quality has been greatly improved   when printing on the surface of the egg, the code can be printed clean, clear and consistent in quality, which greatly improves our speed and experience.  2, use high-definition 'low diffusion' coding ink for spraying  In this way, the ink dots can be made smaller, large characters can be printed on the limited space of the eggshell surface and high color contrast can be maintained. This can also increase the drying time faster, so that the ejected ink dots are very small and the effect is obvious, especially for printing large font characters in a limited space. 3. It has anti-coagulation characteristics. When the egg product changes according to the environment, especially when the phenomenon of condensation occurs, it must maintain a good inkjet quality. It can print large characters on the limited space of the eggshell surface and maintain high color contrast. This has also greatly changed some traditional shortcomings. The above is the specific description of the main advantages of the egg printer. I hope that friends who need to buy this machine will understand accordingly, make a corresponding choice according to their own needs, and find their own needs in the process of their own selection. point.
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