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What are the main components of inkjet printer ink?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27
Different brands of inkjet printers have their own ink models and classifications, and different industrial inks have different technical parameters. Therefore, the inks of different brands of cij printers cannot replace each other. So what are the main components of inkjet industrial inkjet printer inks? 1. Adhesive: Adhesive is the main component of cij industrial inkjet printer ink. Its function is mainly as a carrier of pigments to enhance the adhesion of inkjet marks on the surface of objects. It is required that the adhesive can be completely dissolved in the solvent and has good miscibility with other ingredients. After comparison, the cellulose adhesive has good adhesion to the surface of the object, and the added amount is 5.0% to 10.0% of the total weight of the ink. 2. Solvent: Solvent as a carrier plays a decisive role in the performance of inkjet printer ink. The solvent must not only dissolve colorants, adhesives and other components quickly, but also have the right volatility to effectively control the drying speed during the inkjet printing process. During the test, it was found that the solvent selected two or more ketones and alcohols with low carbon atoms and mixed in a certain proportion has a good effect, and the added amount is about 70% to 90% of the total weight of the ink. 3. Conductivity modifier: In order to meet the needs of electronic control, cij industrial inkjet printer inks require a certain conductivity, so conductivity modifiers need to be added. In this ink, in addition to the colorant providing a certain conductivity value, an ionizable organic salt or inorganic salt is also used as a conductivity regulator. For example, tetramethylammonium acetate has good solubility in the selected solvent and can provide Sufficient conductivity value, the addition amount is 0.5% to 2.0% of the total weight of the ink. 4. Connecting material: As the main component of cij printer ink, it has the function of dispersing pigments, giving the ink proper adhesion, fluidity and transfer performance, and fixing the pigment on the surface of the printed matter through film formation after printing. The binder is often referred to as a varnish. The rheology, viscosity, neutrality, acid value, color, water resistance and printing performance of the ink mainly depend on the binder. It can be said that if the same pigment is used with different binders, it can be made into different types of inks, and if the same binder is used with different pigments, the final product will still be the same type of ink, because it Can not change the performance of the ink. 5. Coloring agent: The coloring agent must have sufficient solubility in the solvent, and have good miscibility with other components in the ink, bright color, good weather resistance and aging resistance. Experiments have found that in addition to meeting the above requirements, organic chromium complex pigments also have good electrical conductivity in the selected organic solvents and can provide a certain electrical conductivity. The amount of colorant added in the ink accounts for about 3.0% to 8.0% of the weight of the ink, subject to the desired color depth. 6. Pigment: It is a kind of powder that is insoluble in water and organic solvents. These powders may be colored, black or white high-dispersion powders. According to their source and chemical composition, these powders can be divided into organic pigments and There are two major categories of inorganic pigments. 7. Filler: It plays the role of filling, filling the pigment part, which has the characteristics of reducing the amount of pigment, reducing the cost, and adjusting the properties of the ink, such as thinness, fluidity, etc., and also improving the flexibility of formula design. The above are the main components of inkjet printer ink. The drying speed of the ink and the way the ink responds to these media are directly reflected in whether the product logo can appear on the product in the expected form, and will it follow the normal use of the product Normally attached to the product. There are also many types of inkjet printers and inks, and cooperation has become an important link in achieving perfect marking.
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