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What are the main components of the UV laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-01

The main components of the UV laser marking machine include: laser, laser scanning galvanometer, focusing system, laser power supply, marking software, cabinet, and computer control system.

1. Laser

Laser, the core of laser marking equipment, is installed in the equipment casing. The fiber lasers imported in the past have good output mode and long life. In recent years, the technology of the domestic laser industry has become more and more mature, and the life and performance of the laser can be comparable to that of the imported laser. However, for users with very high precision requirements, it is recommended to explain to the manufacturer in advance and put forward their requirements.

2. Laser scanning galvanometer

Optical scanning galvanometer is also the core component of laser marking machine, mainly used in The fast and accurate positioning of the beam, the performance of the galvanometer determines the accuracy of the marking machine.

The UV laser marking machine uses a 355 galvanometer. The corresponding galvanometers of other fiber laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines and green laser marking machines are: fiber galvanometer, CO2 galvanometer, and green light (532 galvanometer).

3. Focusing system

The focusing system focuses the parallel laser beam on one point, mainly using f-θ lens ( Also called field lens), different field lenses have different focal lengths, and the marking effect and range are also different. Users can choose the field lens model according to their own products and the required marking range:

fu003d100mm, effective marking range Φu003d75*75mm

fu003d160mm, effective marking range Φu003d110*110mm

fu003d210mm, effective marking range Φu003d150*150mm

fu003d254mm, effective marking range Φu003d175*175mm

fu003d300mm, effective marking range Φu003d220*220mm

fu003d420mm, effective marking range Φu003d300*300mm

4. Laser power supply

Laser power supply input The voltage is AC220V AC small computer peripherals a switching power supply, easy to carry, emergency stop and so on.

5. Marking software

The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology constitutes efficient automatic processing equipment, which can Type a variety of characters, patterns, symbols, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, etc., easy to use software to design marking patterns, change the marking content, and adapt to the requirements of high efficiency and fast pace of modern production.

There are many kinds of software used on the UV laser marking machine, some are conventional, some are developed by ourselves, or the conventional software is secondary developed, mainly depending on the use of equipment manufacturers What control card decides what software to use.

The most commonly used is golden orange, the marking software is EZCAD, this software is used the most, because this software designs more patterns and more complete fonts, so the market Most of the manufacturers use this software.

6. Computer control system

The computer control system is the center of the control and command of the entire laser marking machine, as well as the The carrier of the software installation. Through the coordinated control of the acousto-optic modulation system and the galvanometer scanning system, the workpiece marking processing is completed.

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