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What are the main components of the UV laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-03

The advantage of UV laser marking machine is that it can perform ultra-fine marking and marking of special materials, so it is usually used in production with stricter marking requirements, such as the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc., commonly used models There are mainly 3W UV laser marking machine, 5W UV laser marking machine, etc. Its core structure is as follows:

1. Laser

Ultraviolet lasers are divided into three categories: solid ultraviolet lasers, gas ultraviolet lasers, and semiconductor ultraviolet lasers. Among them, the most widely used solid-state ultraviolet laser is the laser diode-pumped all-solid-state laser. Compared with other types of UV lasers, solid-state UV lasers pumped by laser diodes have the characteristics of high efficiency, reliable performance and simple hardware structure, so they are the most widely used.

2. Laser power supply

The laser power supply of the UV laser marking machine is a device that provides power for the laser, and its input voltage For AC220V alternating current. Installed in the control box of the marking machine.

3. Galvanometer field mirror scanning system

Galvo scanning system is composed of two parts: optical scanner and servo control composition. Vibration lens consists of three parts: stator, rotor and detection sensor. The whole system is designed and manufactured using new technologies, new materials, new processes and new working principles.

The optical scanner adopts a servo motor with moving magnetic deflection working mode. The optical scanner is divided into an X-direction scanning system and a Y-direction scanning system, each of which is fixed on the axis of the servo motor. with laser mirrors. Each servo motor is controlled by a digital signal from the computer to control its scanning track.

4. Computer control system

The computer control system is the center of the control and command of the entire laser marking machine, as well as the The carrier of the software installation. Through the coordinated control of the acousto-optic modulation system and the galvanometer scanning system, the workpiece marking processing is completed.

5. Focusing system

The function of the focusing system is to focus the parallel laser beam on one point. The f-theta lens is mainly used. The focal length of different f-theta lenses is different, and the marking effect and range are also different. The fiber laser marking machine adopts imported high-performance focusing system. The standard configuration of the lens focal length is fu003d160mm, which can effectively scan Range Φ110mm. Users can choose the type of lens according to their needs.

6. Marking control software

UV laser marking machine software is used to control marking parameters, control and debug The application interface, operate and mark all actions.

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