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What are the main functions of the bottle cap printer? -

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03
Coding equipment marked on the bottle cap. The bottle caps of bottle cap products need to be printed with codes such as batch number, production date, Chinese and English, etc. Some of the bottle caps use laser printers, and some use small-character printers. Bottle cap cij printers have a wide range of applications for marking on bottle caps such as food, beverages, and alcohol. Bottle caps use inkjet printers, streamline coding, high efficiency, and good coding effects to meet customer requirements. The main functions of the bottle cap cij printer: ●Marking function: It can realize the marking of Chinese and English text, time and date, bar code, serial number, etc., and output Chinese and English, graphics, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, etc. ●Automatic prize mixing function: realize automatic prize mixing according to the corresponding text and proportion; also can automatically mix prizes for each batch or each box;

●Anti-cashing function: Customize the area code, which is convenient for dealers manage.

●Waterfall type cap sorting function: The waterfall type cap sorting machine performs cap sorting, which reduces the wear of the cap due to the cover or protects the bottle cap pattern. ●Rejection function: Each channel uses a visual inspection and photographic recognition system to reject missed and incomplete bottle caps to ensure the integrity of the cap labeling information. ● Confidentiality function: After the marking content is edited, a new interface will be entered after the marking starts to keep the marking content confidential. ●Production tracking function: save the production shift, time, content and other data to facilitate supervision and tracking. ●Automatic counting and packing function: the system is marked to realize automatic counting and packing. When the front box is full, an alarm will be issued automatically to remind the operator to replace the empty box. As an important equipment in the packaging industry, inkjet printers are increasingly used in the industry. are equipment that is controlled by software to mark product packaging. It is one of the packaging machinery industries that are developing rapidly in the Chinese market. In order to facilitate product identification and tracking product quality, cij printer manufacturers The application of cij printers in industry is becoming more and more extensive, and the corresponding functions are gradually increasing.
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