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What are the main sources of printer equipment?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-22
The current machinery can be said to have very high quality requirements, so a good mechanical equipment must have relatively good accessories. These also have a very important effect on the performance of the machine. Next, I will talk to you Share some details about: the main source of inkjet printer equipment, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.   1. The first is our imported inkjet printer, the whole machine is mainly imported from European and American countries to China. The quality of the imported inkjet printer is good, and the performance is relatively stable! The price is relatively expensive, and the cost of imported inkjet printer consumables, accessories and maintenance is also very high. Because a series of taxes, freight, and labor costs of imported inkjet printers are included in the cost of inkjet printers, the price is very expensive.   2. The imported core components are mainly domestically assembled inkjet printers. In the era of globalized economic environment and commodity economy of UV inkjet printers, European and American brands have established factories in China; the core components of inkjet printers are directly imported from Europe and the United States, and some accessories have been made locally. The effect and performance of imported core components domestically assembled inkjet printers can basically reach the level of imported cij printers; the price is also higher than domestic inkjet printers, but the price of imported inkjet printers is also more competitive.   Third, domestic inkjet printers, the whole machine or most of the accessories and materials are all domestically produced. The raw materials are all domestically produced and do not rely on foreign technology. The cost of domestic robots is relatively low, so domestic inkjet printers are relatively cheap. However, high-resolution cij printer jet docks cannot be made domestically. Most of them use foreign nozzles. It is possible that all parts of small-character inkjet printers are domestically produced. The domestic cij printer has a satisfactory technical point difference, the stability of the machine is poor, and the failure rate is high. The main source of the printer equipment is shared with you in detail. I hope that when you make the corresponding purchase, you need to pay attention to some points that should be paid attention to. The most important thing is to do it according to your specific needs. Purchase accordingly.
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