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What are the maintenance skills of date coding machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-01
Any item has a certain service life, and our date coding machine is the same. If you want to extend the service life of an item, you need to take certain maintenance measures to avoid doing something that is unfavorable to some items. operating. This requires us to do the corresponding maintenance, which involves some maintenance issues. Next, I will tell you in detail about: date coding machine maintenance skills, I hope it can bring you gains. Tip 1: If you want the machine to work smoothly, you need to do a regular inspection and maintenance of the date coding machine. We need to check the ink and solvent level every day, check the ink level and the solvent level, and then just need Do a good job of cleaning to keep the surroundings of the date coding machine clean, and the outer shell needs to be kept clean and free of ink stains. Tip 2: When performing specific operations, if there is a shutdown of the operation, we need to ensure that the number of times our date printer runs per week, and the time when the ink line is turned on, in the printer The ink is released, followed by the introduction of solvents for professional maintenance. Tip 3: There are also great requirements for the handling and placement of the date coding machine. We are strictly forbidden to place more than two machines. If the date coding machine fails, we should contact the maintenance personnel immediately, and cannot move other production lines at will Secondly, the continuous improvement of operating skills can make the machine reach the best condition, and can also reduce unnecessary waste and product defects. The maintenance skills of the date coding machine are shared with you here. I hope to help you. This requires the implementation of the corresponding plan and apply these methods to practical applications, so that it can be greatly improved. Improve the efficiency of our machines.
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