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What are the precautions for operating the laser printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-30

Now more and more companies are beginning to use laser cij printers. After all, laser inkjet printers are more effective, but there are many things that need to be paid attention to before operating this type of equipment. If the frequency of daily laser coding operations is relatively high, more attention should be paid to the operating specifications and the hazards involved, so as to ensure better operation of the printer.

First, before using the laser printing machine, it should be clear that laser marking is a permanent marking, so make sure Find the correct position and use it according to the operating specifications to avoid permanent damage to the equipment due to laser Leadtech Coding. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the harm of laser inkjet printers to the eyes, because there are wavelengths similar to ultraviolet rays during operation, and infrared rays up to 1400 nanometers often cause damage to the viewing angle film, so pay attention to the operating specifications.

Second, in fact, many people do not know that laser printers are harmful to the skin. In fact, the dermis itself will be damaged to varying degrees. The main reason for the damage is is a photochemical reaction. Whether it is photochemical reaction or thermal effect, damage will occur under long-term exposure. In this case, reasonable control of the duration of illumination becomes important, and attention should also be paid to the damage of carbon dioxide laser to the epidermis.

Third, some laser printers may also emit radiation during operation, so this aspect should also be paid attention to Where there is, the protective measures should be selected according to the model characteristics of the specific equipment used. Under normal circumstances, the electromagnetic radiation of the laser printer may overflow through the laser light outlet or the gap of the casing, so that the ionizing radiation may cause harm to the body.

What I just mentioned is the things that should be paid attention to when using the laser printer, especially to take protective measures according to the equipment model, so as to really improve the equipment's performance. Functions and safety of operators, but also pay attention to updating the function and maintenance of the equipment according to the actual situation, so that the laser printer can be better used.

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