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What are the precautions for printing variable barcodes on the outer box of the UV inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

In the packaging and printing industry, UV inkjet printers can be used to print serial numbers, production dates, barcodes, QR codes, and other variable information on the outer packaging. The advantages of barcodes and QR codes are particularly prominent. However, in practical applications, we need to pay attention to the following problems in the barcode printing on the outer box:

1. The common material for printing and packaging is carton corrugated paper, which is different from ordinary white paper. The reflectivity of the paper will affect the reading rate of the barcode, so the requirements for UV inkjet printers are relatively high.

2. When selecting inks for inkjet printers, the quality requirements of barcode printing should be considered, and high-performance inkjet inks with low permeability and fast ink solidification should be used. The UV cij printer uses UV ink, which cures quickly after passing through the UV curing lamp, and the printing effect is fine and beautiful.

3. When UV inkjet printers print barcodes on corrugated boxes, pay attention to the size and accuracy of the barcodes. If the surface of the outer packaging is not flat, there may be unevenness, bumps during logistics and transportation, resulting in barcodes Zigzag deformation, barcodes must consider the occurrence of errors caused by some objective conditions while ensuring the accuracy.

4. The bar code has strict standards for the bar-to-space ratio, so it is necessary to ensure the stability of the production line speed. If the production line speed is unstable, the length of the printed content will be uneven, and the uneven text content length will change the bar. Empty share, causing the barcode to be unrecognizable. If the stability of the production line speed cannot be guaranteed, an encoder must be installed to ensure that the printing speed is synchronized with the production line speed.

5. Before mass production, barcode printing should be tested to ensure that the barcode can be scanned and read accurately to avoid human error. During the printing process, special reading equipment should be used for sampling at regular intervals. The barcodes printed by UV inkjet printers must ensure the accuracy. Ensuring that the barcodes can be scanned and recognized quickly and accurately is the key to assigning codes on the outer box. Before purchasing UV cij printers, you must choose an experienced cij printer manufacturer for technical consultation. Guaranteed.

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