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What are the precautions for using high-speed spurt the code machine _ to spurt the code machine at a high speed

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-25
In accordance with the relevant provisions, in various industry such as food, protect skin to taste, and drug products must be conform to the requirements of the anti-counterfeiting code, production date and batch number and other information, so now use credit reliable high-speed spurt the code machine manufacturer is more and more, but if improper use high-speed spurt the code machine can affect the spray effect, so use must pay attention to use the following points. One, pay attention to the operation of each brand high-speed spurt the code machine has characteristics different from other brand of operating the machine, if users do not pay attention to in the process of installation using the specific operating mode, even praise of high-speed cij printer also can appear problem, so the users in the use of high speed printing machine need according to the brand of the machine to determine the operation process, and then according to the instructions on the manual for the correct operation. Second, pay attention to using high-speed spurt the code machine models should not only know the spurt the code machine using step, and strictly according to its operation method to perform the operation, but also pay attention to the chosen model whether meet the requirements of high-speed spurt the code machine, that is because different types of laser marking machine is applicable to the use of the environment and industry have very big difference, if choose wrong # spurt the code machine can cause unable to print out the proper identification of the consequences of using high-speed spurt the code machine also notice the device models. Third, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance for the operation of the high speed printing opportunity lead to loss the machine spare parts, if the use of the impurities in the environment and pollution is more, so will the damage to the machine will be greater, so using high-speed spurt the code machine also note after use, cleaning and regular maintenance of machine, this is because after use clean can avoid impurities mixed in the machine, and regular maintenance to ensure machines are in good running condition. From the perspective of the usage and using effect of various industries, high-speed spurt the cij printer is all similar machine in the comparison by the special type of user industry recognition, but want to let it play out proper effect, that is about to pay attention to when using high-speed spurt the code machine model choice, pay attention to spurt the cij printer cleaning and maintenance work, pay attention to spurt the cij printer usage, and so on.
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