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What are the prices of metal laser marking machines to see?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-29

Now many fields are using metal laser marking machines, so pay attention to price and other aspects when purchasing. If you simply compare the price, it is easy to buy products that are not satisfied with the attributes and quality, so let's talk about what aspects to pay attention to when buying a marking machine, so that users can make a reference when choosing.

First, when comparing the price of metal laser marking machines, it is natural to pay attention to the type and parameters. Many people will find that the laser of the laser marking machine is different. This is because the cheap carbon dioxide laser is often not as clean as the ultraviolet laser or the green laser marking machine, so if marking integrated circuits, such high-precision lasers The marking job naturally needs to choose the latter, otherwise you can choose a cheap carbon dioxide marking machine.

Second, when facing the metal laser marking machine, the specific operation experience should also be considered. Most of the current metal laser marking machines are CNC or computer-controlled, which depends on which software they support, because the more software they support, the wider the range of marking, and they can continue to expand as needed in the future. software, which is also a very critical place.

Third, the next step is to compare the purchase channels, because the price of metal laser marking machines with the same parameters and brands is much different, which may be because of the purchase channels. Now the popularity of laser marking machines is very high, so there are many refurbished machines or counterfeit brands of equipment, so pay attention to specific purchase channels. For metal laser marking machines with unknown origins and low prices, pay attention to check their qualification certificates and related bill.

The above mentioned is the place to pay attention when buying and comparing the price of metal laser marking machine, because too many users are paying attention to this kind of topic, so they need to pay attention to it. Do your homework in advance, not simply compare prices, and if the parameters and brands are the same in all aspects, there will be different services. These are all aspects to be compared when purchasing a metal laser marking machine.

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