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What are the printer consumables? How to correctly choose inkjet printer consumables?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26
1. What are the consumables for the printer? The cij printer is an indispensable tool for the packaging and production of enterprises. If the printed logo is fast-drying and has high adhesion, it is indispensable to select high-quality inkjet printer consumables. The inkjet printer consumables produced by cij printer manufacturers have strict process and quality control. The commonly used inkjet printer consumables are: 1. ink

The ink is composed of resin, solvent, pigment and other materials, and different inkjet codes The printer manufacturer provides the corresponding type of ink according to the performance of the printer. When choosing ink, try to choose the original printer ink provided by the printer manufacturer.

2. Thinner Thinner is composed of solvents, active agents, stabilizers and other materials. It is specially developed according to the characteristics of the ink. It can continuously replenish the lost substances of the ink and repair the ink belt due to circulation. The structure that comes is destroyed. The thinner of the inkjet printer is used in conjunction with the ink. Try to use the original thinner provided by the inkjet printer manufacturer. 3. Cleaning fluid The cleaning fluid of the inkjet printer is used to clean the nozzle and the splashed ink. Different inks require different cleaning fluids. The cleaning fluids mainly include acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, pentanone, alcohol, etc. Choose the corresponding cleaning fluid according to the base material of the inkjet printer ink. Second, how to correctly select the consumables of the inkjet printer The selection of consumables for the inkjet printer is very important, which is related to the quality of the inkjet code. Many users tend to use the temptation of the merchant's price information and so on to try to use it, which gives the inkjet printer The use of it has brought great hidden dangers. The main hazards of inferior inkjet printer consumables are: 1. Because the performance of inferior ink cannot be guaranteed, it will put a great load on the high-precision nozzle deflection system, resulting in unclear printer typing, irregular font dot matrix, and blurred fonts. And other issues. 2. Poor ink and diluent solvent will make the ink system pressure of the inkjet printer unstable, which will cause the filter to be blocked and the ink will accumulate in the recovery tank. At this time, there will be problems such as incomplete typing and only half of the printing. 3. Poor quality of cleaning fluid will reduce the ink concentration of the whole machine due to excessive cleaning times. An important parameter of the inkjet printer is the ink concentration. Inferior cleaning fluid will reduce the ink concentration, which directly affects the service life of the inkjet printer. When purchasing inkjet printer consumables, be sure to choose regular brand consumables, and use the original inks, solvents and cleaning fluids that match the cij printer brand. Do not buy inappropriate inferior consumables.
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