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What are the reasons for the failure of the small character inkjet printer motherboard?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27

Paper packaging is widely used in the food industry, especially dry and storage-resistant products. We provide a variety of solutions for customers to choose: the small character inkjet printer is a non-contact cij printer, suitable for peculiar shapes or arcs Flexible packaging with curved edges; thermal foaming cij printers can choose high-adhesion inks; laser cij printers can print permanent high-resolution logos. The inkjet printer manufacturer will introduce to you what are the reasons for the failure of the inkjet printer motherboard?

1. The machine does not use the Class A inkjet printer consumables provided by the inkjet industrial inkjet printer supplier. There are many cij printers that use manufacturers like to buy inferior consumables. In the end, the motherboard system crashes or heats up and damages the CPU and some related components. 2. The voltage is unstable. The power socket is loose and the current changes and the electronic components of the motherboard are damaged. It is recommended to use a good socket and use the normal and stable voltage of 220V. 3. Bad use environment For example, dusty and humid use environment is also one of the reasons for damaging the printer motherboard.

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