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What are the reasons for the good marking effect of UV laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-19
Laser marking machines are widely used, and there are many types of laser marking machines. People who have not used UV laser marking machine must not know why to use UV laser marking machine, why UV laser marking machine is better, let us answer.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is mainly used in various application practices. Ultraviolet laser marking machine performs very well in plastic materials, with the advantages of high speed and high resolution. When using a UV laser, black marking can be achieved by selectively carbonizing the underlying layers of the plastic surface.

The UV laser energy output by the short-wave UV laser will stimulate the photochemical reaction of the material, and the UV laser avoids UV laser traces caused by excessive heat transfer (high speed and high resolution). This can lead to destruction of the material. When dealing with sensitive materials such as plastics containing flame retardants, UV laser markers enable high-resolution marking with the best surface quality and fastest processing speed. Compared to infrared and green lasers, UV laser markers do not require expensive laser-induced additives to process materials, resulting in faster processing and improved marking quality. If another laser machine marks a plastic electrical switch, it usually changes the color beneath the surface of the material. When using a UV laser, black marking can be achieved by selectively carbonizing the underlying layers of the plastic surface. The input of thermal energy is limited to a small designated area, so the displayed content is distinctly different from the background material and easily identifiable. The wavelength of the UV laser marking machine is generally 355nm, which provides a new solution for the marking of plastic electronic switches. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary marking machines, UV laser marking machines are fast, and the fastest marking speed can reach 3000 words/second. We can know that the marking effect of the UV laser marking machine is very good, and we can actively choose the UV laser marking machine in the selection of the marking machine.
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