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What are the reasons for the inkjet code defect of the inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-13
The cij printer is an indispensable machine in our production. This machine plays an absolute role in our production. For us, we can clearly know the source of the product and some specific information. This information shows a specific standard of these products, and then I will share some details with you: the reasons for the inkjet coding defect of the inkjet printer, I hope it will help you.   1. The ink line position is wrong. After the printer has been running and used for some time, the position of the ink line may change slightly, resulting in missing characters or missing characters in the inkjet printing.  2, the ink is also abnormal. A: The ink viscosity is abnormal. Observe whether the ink viscosity of the printer is normal. B is whether the ink is within the warranty period. C is whether the printer consumables are compatible with the printer.   3. The splitting of ink dots is abnormal. Ink dot split is not good, A is the nozzle is slightly clogged, the nozzle function can be opened and the nozzle can be cleaned with the special cleaning of the cij printer. B is abnormal ink pressure. C is that the spray cavity is damaged, and the probability of damage to the spray cavity is small.   4. Whether the inkjet printer is effectively grounded. Grounding is divided into two types of grounding, protective grounding and anti-interference grounding. The printer uses anti-interference grounding. If protective grounding is used, it will only cause greater instability. The reason for the inkjet code defect of the inkjet printer is shared with you in detail. I hope you can pay more attention to some details when performing the corresponding operations. In this case, our operation effect will also be great These improvements are of great significance to us.
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