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What are the reasons for the low recognition rate of the QR code on the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03

can be used for the spraying of product identification, product batch numbers and trademarks, and are widely used in beverage, food, building materials and other industries. Usually in daily use, some inkjet printers cause spray display due to quality problems or equipment failures If the effect is not good, what should I do if the QR code recognition rate of the inkjet printer is low? What should I pay attention to when using the printer? The printer manufacturer introduces several reasons in detail: 1. The charging value setting is not accurate. Some companies need to adjust the system parameters of the printer due to their own reasons. Sometimes the charging value is not set properly, causing the printing effect to not fully appear, or Only half appeared. Solution: You can directly contact the engineer of the inkjet printer manufacturer for consultation. 2. Environmental impact Due to the production environment, some dust may appear during the production process. Long-time work will cause the dust to enter the nozzle when the printer is coding, causing the nozzle to block. Solution: Clean the nozzle and perform nozzle flushing. Rinse the nozzle thoroughly to ensure that the recovery tank is clean. Do a good job of dust proofing where the printer is installed.

3. Temperature problems Some inks are not high temperature or low temperature resistant inks. It is inevitable that the printing effect will be poor when working in a high or low temperature environment. Solution: Before using the ink, ask the printer manufacturer whether the ink can be used in a high temperature or low temperature environment. This type of ink is generally available. If some companies only work in high or low temperature environments for a short period of time, and don't want to use those special inks, then do a good job of temperature control near the inkjet printer. 4. Ink problems It is not ruled out that some companies will not use cij printers to provide original consumables for the sake of drawing convenience. Then the printing effect is extremely poor, or the cij printer has some problems, the manufacturer of the Oulance inkjet printer recommends that the inkjet printer consumables must use the original consumables. Solution: Completely clean the nozzles of the inkjet printer and replace the ink.

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