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What are the reasons why the laser marking machine has no red light?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-21
When we usually use the laser marking machine to mark products, sometimes the red light of the laser marking machine does not appear, or the red light appears but the laser cannot be printed. What is the reason? Now let's talk about the reasons for these problems and the solutions, I hope to help everyone.

1. If the laser marking machine does not emit red light, there are many reasons for this situation. Let’s talk about the two most common ones. One of the reasons is that the optical path is moved, but the laser marking machine equipment is not damaged, then adjust it. The optical path is fine. Another reason is that the power module is broken or the power supply is broken. It may also be that the laser focusing position is not correct. There are many reasons for this problem, so it is recommended to call the supplier in this situation. After-sales service of the dealer, let them help solve it.

2. If the laser marking machine emits red light, it is just flickering, and the laser cannot be printed, and suddenly the red light disappears. This situation may be that the red light head of the laser marking machine is broken, and the red line module is broken. Or the red light seat is loose and misplaced, or the red light pen is broken. There are many reasons for this problem. If this kind of problem cannot be solved, it is best to contact the after-sales service and let them help solve it. It is not recommended to solve it by yourself. If you solve it yourself, it may become more and more troublesome.
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