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What are the reasons why the small character inkjet printer has no breakpoints

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

The basic principle of the small character inkjet printer is to divide the ink line into breakpoints. The broken-point ink drop is deflected by the high-voltage electric field, and the ink drop flies on the surface of the moving product to create the desired mark.

What is the reason for the small character inkjet printer without breakpoints? The following are several reasons and solutions for small character cij printers without breakpoints analyzed by Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd.

1. The nozzle of the small character cij printer is slightly clogged, the breakpoints show a very dense state, and the gap between dots is very small. Use the built-in cleaning function to switch on and off the machine for several attempts; or remove the nozzle and clean it. Normally, it can be repaired.

2. The problems of the nozzle piece device, including the nozzle piece substrate, jewel piece, jewel compression washer, seal ring, front baffle, and fastening screw. If there is a problem with the nozzle piece, the nozzle piece needs to be replaced in time.

3. The detection pole is a problem. The detection pole is a detection breakpoint. The charge quality has a great relationship with the stability of the machine. Therefore, it should be kept clean during detection and cleaned with detergent. clean. Of course, a little ink is acceptable, but not too much ink, especially dry ink.

4. For the problem of pressure pump, experienced engineers, first listen to the sound of the pressure pump being unstable, which can provide some basis for the pressure and nozzle situation, and then see Breakpoints. If the breakpoints are very dense, increase the pressure of the encoding device.

5, the small character inkjet printer crystal oscillator problem. There is no voltage on the crystal oscillator of the coding equipment. Check if the crystal oscillator is connected to the circuit board. If there is no response after connecting, you need to replace the circuit board.

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