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What are the requirements for coding dairy products?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-05
Dairy and cheese products are increasingly favored by consumers as incomes rise and demand for dairy products grows, driven by rising incomes in emerging markets.

Consumers are considering more and more comprehensive factors, not only the production date, taste, and appearance of packaging, but also want to know the nutritional content of food and the source of raw material procurement, as well as the information of manufacturers and retailers, and even corporate values. Companies must be able to communicate this holistic view to consumers and provide them with relevant information in an open and transparent manner. In addition to the outer packaging of the product, more information needs to be completed by the inkjet printer.

The printing requirements of most dairy products are mainly based on the production date, product batch number, etc. In order to better convey the values ​​of the company and trace the source of the product, many dairy product manufacturers have also begun to prepare for product packaging. Two-dimensional code and other information, whether the function of the cij printer has strong ductility, and whether the product identification scheme meets the needs of enterprise development, have become the focus of dairy enterprises. Technology cij printer manufacturers have been focusing on product identification for 20 years, and can provide mature identification solutions for dairy product identification. According to the characteristics of different production lines of dairy enterprises, we can formulate professional product identification schemes one-to-one, and can achieve clear and perfect identification effects in a variety of materials, such as plastic, paper, glass and other materials. From model selection, testing, installation to after-sales maintenance services, the company's solutions are economical and practical, with low cost of use, simple maintenance and reliable operation. If you are in the component production line or upgrading the production line, you can further consult the technology inkjet printer manufacturer!
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