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What are the requirements for the coding of food bags? What exactly are included?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01

We can see many texts, patterns and QR codes on food packaging bags, which are used to identify and distinguish. However, judging from the current coding of food packaging bags, there are still many specific requirements, so how to ensure the smooth progress of coding on food packaging bags? What are the basic requirements?

1. High environmental protection requirements

As we all know, food is related to our human health. Naturally, environmental protection should be considered as the main condition when printing food bags. . Not only should we pay attention to the structure of the inkjet printer, make a good protection device, and be able to adapt to the operation of high humidity and high dust environment, so that it can operate stably in harsh environments, but also pay attention to safety and reliability in the selection of ink. The food industry will have relevant regulations to choose environmentally friendly inks to ensure the safety of coding, and pay attention to the signs when choosing.

2, the nozzle selection should be right

The inkjet on the food packaging, the nozzle of the cij printer will also be more particular, if you want to obtain high-definition printing quality, you need to do Consider all aspects and try to ensure the clarity of the coding. In general, we recommend using small-character cij printers. Relatively speaking, the texture of the inkjet code is better, and it is easy to adjust. Even in some relatively small areas, the inkjet printer can maintain high definition.

3. The coding speed should be fast

The coding speed of food bag packaging bags will also require speed. After all, the coding of food packaging works on the assembly line. If the coding speed is not enough If it is fast, it will directly affect the processing progress. It is recommended to consider the speed and response of the inkjet printer, and try to have good adaptability to increase the good effect of inkjet printing.

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