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What are the requirements for the performance of the inkjet printer in the cable industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-13
The current inkjet printer is an indispensable part of the production industry, which is very important to us. The application of this type of machine has also greatly improved our production quality, and now various industries are concerned about cij printers. The needs of the printer are not the same. The choice must be paid attention to. Next, I will share with you some details about the performance of the inkjet printer in the cable industry. Some specific requirements, I hope this will help you.   1. No matter what the situation, the meter mark of the inkjet printer must be accurate. Even if the machine cannot keep up with the speed of the production line, the meter must be accurate. This is a basic requirement and a necessary condition. It is necessary to have the function of pulse amplification, which is not an optional function. The reason is that the meter mark time will be inaccurate, which is also a problem that must be avoided. 2. The problem of long-time printing and ink hanging, especially high-speed printing, will cause ink hanging in a short time. The solution for imported machines is to add a blower to the nozzle. Try to avoid or extend the ink hanging time. Hang the ink, the nozzle cover can be opened when the printer is printing, and the recycling port can be cleaned while printing. 3. Short-meter function. This function is included in the latest A400 cable special cij printer. During the high-speed inkjet printing process of the inkjet printer, press a key on the printer, and the inkjet printer's counter will be Automatically one meter less, this function is a huge surprise for the cable factory that now depends on short meters to survive. 4. Good ink and quick-drying solvent must be used as standard configuration. Good quality ink can avoid many machine stability problems, especially white ink. As for the solvent, use quick-drying as the standard configuration to avoid wet weather. The migration problem caused by the slowness. It is also helpful for the economic benefits of the printer factory. Some specific requirements on the performance of the printer in the cable industry are shared with you in detail here. I hope you should summarize some of your own needs during the purchase process, and then you need to do it according to your own needs. A good corresponding analysis is also very important for us.
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