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What are the requirements for the use of inkjet printer consumables

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-27
The requirements for the use of inkjet printer consumables are as follows:

In the use of the inkjet printer, it is inevitable to lose the corresponding inkjet printer consumables, such as cij printer ink, inkjet printer cleaning agent, inkjet printer thinner, etc., but for the use of consumables, it is also necessary to pay attention to the basic principles of ink use. Require.

When using the inkjet printer, follow the correct method, so that the inkjet printer ink is not prone to any problems. However, the user must understand the relevant safety testing standards and the precautionary measures that should be selected. The basic requirements are described below: • Must comply with industry standards and practices related to cleaning and tidying. • Smoking or setting off fireworks (or other flammable objects) near ink or solvents is very dangerous and should be strictly prohibited. • Ink and other reservoirs must be moved and stored with care. • Personnel who may come into contact with ink must be properly trained in how to use ink. Safety practices vary depending on the work environment. The following are basic principles, but the necessary precautions should be selected under specific working conditions: • The ink must be avoided from contacting sensitive parts of the human body, such as eyes and nose. It is recommended to wear protective glasses in the environment where ink is accidentally splashed or ink mist from the printer. If you accidentally put ink into your eyes, you should choose first aid measures. Rinse your eyes with salt water (if there is no salt water, you can use water) for 15 minutes. If you still feel unwell, you should immediately seek medical treatment. • It is strictly forbidden for the ink of the printer to come into contact with the mouth. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to eat, drink or smoke and other personal bad habits that may cause the ink to come into contact with the mouth when operating the printer. •Most inkjet printer inks contain solvents that may damage the skin. Effective work drills must be conducted from time to time and risk assessments conducted. Safety data sheets can provide information on personal protective equipment. Most gloves provide limited, short-term exposure protection and must be replaced after being splashed or used frequently. Most inkjet inks are volatile and can be inhaled into the lungs. Good ventilation must be ensured. • Used cleaning materials, such as paper towels for wiping, are a fire hazard. These materials must be promptly recycled and disposed of in a safe manner after use. • Once a part of your body comes into contact with ink, you should immediately go to the nearest water room for a thorough cleaning. Some inks are permitted for use in contact with food. In these cases, the following precautions should be selected in addition to the relevant hygiene practices: • At no time and under any circumstances, the printer inks should not be used on used printers. • The ink of the inkjet printer can only be used with the newly purchased inkjet printer that matches it. New, unused genuine spare parts must be used when repairing or replacing printer parts.
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