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What are the requirements of carton manufacturers for carton inkjet printers? -

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-28
There are many types of inkjet codes in the outer packaging market, and different outer packaging manufacturers have different requirements for cij printers. Some outer packaging manufacturers have requirements for the speed of cij printers. Need high-speed carton inkjet printer equipment.

The high-speed carton inkjet industrial inkjet printer can reach a very fast speed. It adopts the speed of the encoder to detect the platform, so that the system is positioned accurately, and the printing effect can be more stable. It has a flexible layout design, a humanized software operation design, and can be flexible Adjust the printing position. Manufacturers have begun to attach importance to carton inkjet coding, and have requirements for the content printed by the cij industrial inkjet printer, not the production date, batch number, etc., but the printing of variable content information. These variable contents are not only serial numbers, but also print variable barcodes and two-dimensional codes. The high-speed carton inkjet printer can meet the needs of variable data content printing for packaging plants.

Carton is a general packaging method in the outer packaging industry, and the material is divided into two types: permeability and non-permeability. The printing solutions for high-speed carton cij printers are: the use of advanced piezoelectric UV nozzles. In addition, it adopts environmentally friendly imported UV ultraviolet curing ink, which can print variable information on various materials. In addition, after the printing is completed, the LED cold light source will cure at a high speed, which is not easy to cause the content to fall off quickly. Ensure the integrity and exquisiteness of the printed content. The sprayed content is clear and tidy, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The high-speed carton inkjet printer meets the actual needs of the outer packaging factory for inkjet printing.
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