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What are the requirements of the food bag laser coding machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-16
At present, cij printers are widely used in many industries. In order to have better identification and recognition, of course, from the current use, the food industry can often see that various texts and patterns on packaging bags are rich and diverse. So what are the requirements of the food bag laser coding machine? How to ensure the stable use of the cij printer? 1. Adapt to the coding of various materials

Of course, the application of laser coding machine for food bags must be able to meet the needs of various packaging materials. There are many kinds of packaging materials in the food industry, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles and various plastic bags, etc., to have different coding effects for different materials, so the requirements for cij printers are getting higher and higher. Even laser coders must be able to meet the coding requirements of different materials, and select appropriate inks to provide high-quality, high-definition printing effects.

2. food bags that meet the corresponding quality The coding on the Leadtech Coding bag has high quality requirements. Generally, the coding content includes the production date, batch number, name, etc., which requires high-definition coding. According to the coding requirements on different packaging bags, the nozzle nozzle selection of the cij printer will be different. When choosing a laser printing machine, it is necessary to ensure that it can provide high-definition contrast and clarity, and can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of the coding, so as to provide more textured coding options. 3. The technical requirements of the laser coding machine for inkjet food bags that meet the processing speed are still quite high. The food industry actually realizes the inkjet code processing of the assembly line. Usually, the speed requirements are very high, and the production volume is relatively large, which requires The inkjet printer has improved in processing speed. Generally, it is necessary to adjust the speed according to the needs of different production lines to improve the coding efficiency.
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