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What are the requirements of the laser printer for the environment and operators? -

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01
Modern factories are completely different from modern factories. Modern factories do not need workers to be literate, as long as they have a sound body that can operate equipment. Modern factories not only need workers to have a healthy body to undertake a lot of work, but also need workers to be literate and have the ability to learn equipment operation rules. The laser printer is a kind of large-scale industrial equipment, and many large factories have purchased this kind of industrial equipment. Does the laser printer have requirements for the operator and the environment? If so, what are the requirements?

The use of laser printers is dangerous. If there is something wrong with the operation, it may hurt the operating personnel. Before becoming a person operating a laser printer, you need to receive training. A qualified laser printing machine operator should understand the correct operating rules and objects that should not appear near the printer. After the training is over, the factory should test the workers. Only workers who have passed the test are responsible for operating the printer.

In addition to workers who understand the rules of operation, laser printers are also required to be in an environment where there is no strong electricity, no strong magnetism, no reflective objects, and no flammable and explosive materials. Strong electricity and strong magnetism will prevent the printer from working normally, while reflective objects may cause the laser to injure workers, and flammable and explosive materials may burn or explode due to the laser, thereby injuring personnel And equipment. The laser industrial inkjet printer has requirements for the workers and places responsible for the operation. If the above requirements are not met, let the laser printer work, then the chance of an accident is quite high. The factory must meet the relevant requirements before letting the laser printer enter the working state.
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