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What are the safety hazards of the carton inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-22

The carton cij printer, as its name implies, is a mechanical equipment used to print information on cartons. In the carton packaging industry, inkjet printers are often used to print variable information such as serial numbers and production dates on the outer packaging of cartons. The working process of the carton cij printer is: when the carton passes through the assembly line, the photoelectric sensor of the inkjet printer is triggered, and the signal is given to the carton cij printer. Production date, shelf life, expiration date, batch number, serial number, two-dimensional code, bar code, garbled code, random code, anti-counterfeiting code, etc. So what are the safety hazards of the carton inkjet printer? Today I will give you a brief introduction:

1. The carton factory is involved in injuries: considering the heat dissipation of the equipment and the convenient maintenance and operation, most equipment does not With protective devices, some employees removed the paper guide rollers and protective bars installed in front of the equipment without authorization to increase the risk of safety accidents.

2. The carton factory blade cuts: during the production or maintenance of the carton equipment, if the operation regulations are violated, it is very easy to cause injury accidents.

3. Electrical short circuit in the carton factory: accidents caused by electrical circuits often have serious consequences, ranging from burned motors and electrical parts, causing production lines to stop; in severe cases, fires And personal injury.

4. High temperature burns in the carton factory: During the cardboard production process, the surface paper and lining paper need to be pre-baked through the preheating cylinder, and the temperature is as high as 170℃. Carelessness in the process can cause burns.

5. Carton factory fire and explosion: the carton industry has a large stock of raw paper, as long as an unextinguished cigarette butt or a short circuit may cause a major fire accident.

How should the carton factory reduce the occurrence of accidents?

1. Marking test: Before printing in batches, especially QR codes with variable markings, barcodes, etc., you should first Carry out barcode printing test to ensure that the variable information can be scanned and read correctly. In the process of inkjet printing, regular random inspections are required.

2. Pay attention to the reflectivity of the paper: the commonly used material for packaging cartons is corrugated paper, which is different from ordinary white paper. The reflectivity of the paper should be paid attention to on the corrugated paper, which will affect the recognition of the barcode.

3. Ink selection: When selecting ink for inkjet printers, use high-performance inkjet inks with good color fastness, low permeability and moderate ink diffusion

4. Pay attention to dimensional accuracy. When printing barcodes, two-dimensional codes and other variable information on cartons, pay attention to dimensional accuracy.

5. Pay attention to the speed of the production line when printing barcodes.

6. Strengthen safety management, eliminate unsafe factors, and control unsafe behaviors

7. Strictly control the selection and configuration of personnel, improve the safety quality of employees, and standardize the safety behavior of employees

8. Targeting the carton industry Features, formulate feasible on-site safety precautions

The above are some of the issues that should be paid attention to when using carton cij printers. Due to different working conditions, the models used are different. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully formulate the printing plan when carrying out the carton printing operation.

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