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What are the safety precautions for inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-08

The phrase 'safety first' has been said thousands of times and still has considerable practical and practical significance. Today, whether it is any equipment or production, the safety of manufacturers and individuals The concept is growing, safety first, prevention first, this sentence is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. For the inkjet printer industry, there are also some necessary protective measures that must be done during operation and use to ensure the health of our production staff. Safety and security, here are some necessary safety protection measures when operating the printer, for the reference of users and friends, and jointly improve safety awareness and norms.

What are the safety protection measures of the inkjet printer? From installation and debugging, to daily use and post-maintenance analysis.

I. Installation and debugging In terms of safety protection measures for consumables, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety protection measures of consumables. First of all, it is not guaranteed that non-genuine ink will not adversely affect the operation and stability of the printer. It is recommended that users use genuine inks and solvents for cij printers to ensure the inkjet printer. In order to ensure the stable and normal operation of the printer, while ensuring the use of genuine consumables, we should pay attention to and prevent the following points: storage of cij printer consumables, fire hazards, arrangement of some safety signs and slogans, wearing of protective equipment, and regular operation of the cij printer. Guidance. The storage of inkjet printer consumables must be stored in a warehouse with a qualified safety level, a warehouse with formal safety signs and slogans pasted, and specialized warehouse management personnel are responsible for the statistics of the income and expenditure of cij printer consumables. The fire danger signs must be complete And comply with the safety slogan specifications, must be posted in obvious locations everywhere, and regularly the factory needs to organize safety knowledge training to improve the safety awareness of the staff. .

Second, in terms of daily operation and use, strict technical guidance and daily use skills training will be given to the staff who operate the printer to ensure that the machine can be switched on and off during normal work and production. It can effectively avoid some hidden dangers in some aspects such as cleaning, etc. There should be a clear awareness of some danger sources and potential danger sources that need to be paid attention to, avoid contact with nozzles, prohibit smoking near machinery and equipment, and wear clothes when adjusting working conditions. Put on protective glasses and protective gloves. In order to avoid the high content of MEK in the air, there should be good ventilation equipment to ensure the quality of air circulation in the space. When testing the printing quality, you need to use a metal beaker and ground it, and handle it properly. Clean up the spilled liquid in time after the waste liquid, and be sure to prevent these harmful and toxic liquids from entering the drainage or sewage system.

Three, pay attention to the safety protection measures in the later maintenance and maintenance. The meaning of the icon (special warning), know the difference between the prohibited signs, warning signs and attention signs and their meanings. In addition, only professionally trained and authorized personnel can carry out related maintenance of the printer. Before maintenance operations, you must first Disconnect the power supply, prevent ink, solvents and cleaning agents from entering the eyes during maintenance, Open flames are prohibited near machines and near inks, solvents, and cleaning agents. Finally, it is recommended that factories and production units at all levels should popularize some necessary first aid measures. Once the ink gets into the eyes, the first measure should be to immediately flush with normal saline for 15 minutes, and seek medical attention immediately according to the situation; if the skin is contaminated with ink, take off clothes and rinse with water. Wash skin and seek medical attention immediately if symptoms worsen. If swallowed by mistake, rinse mouth with 200-300ml of water to avoid vomiting and seek medical attention immediately. In ( Maintenance Details), we also suggest that users can call as soon as possible when the printer encounters some common faults or problems that have not been encountered before, and our engineers will carefully analyze the printer's faults for you The situation and the cause of the occurrence, to help you solve the problem correctly in the first time.

We hope that through the concerted efforts of our customers, our production work can be carried out smoothly, and safety awareness and safety measures can be put in place as soon as possible, laying a solid foundation for future development!

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