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What are the special functions of inkjet printers in the tobacco industry?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-30
We all know that the inkjet printer technology has been used in the field of cigarette packaging for a long time. The cij printer not only prints information such as number, expiration date, batch number, logo and other information on various packages (packages, strips, cartons) of cigarette products, but also can Through the application of Leadtech Coding technology, we can provide cigarettes with product anti-counterfeiting, sales management, flow tracking and other identification solutions that meet people's needs. So what are the special functions of the tobacco cij printer? 1. Anti-counterfeiting function

The function of printing random codes or anti-counterfeiting codes by the inkjet printer makes each cigarette or pack of cigarettes have a separate code, and can also print promotion and other information on the cigarette packaging box, which can effectively control the sales of tobacco . Laser printers have the characteristics of increasing the cost of counterfeiters, helping consumers to quickly identify brand products, and protecting the legitimate interests of manufacturers. The patented ultraviolet invisible ink is spray-printed on the tobacco packaging, which improves the anti-counterfeiting strength.

2. Identification function High-quality cij printers can print various graphics, text, letters, numbers and other information at high speed and clearly on packaging of various materials. 3. Market, production and logistics management Print information such as serial number, bar code, destination and other information on product packaging and carton packaging, and connect to the database system to realize flow tracking and dealer cross-regional sales inquiry and tracking. In the warehouses or distribution centers of tobacco monopoly points, laser marking machines and cij printers can print information such as time and monopoly area, connect to the database and management system of the enterprise, and improve the automation of outbound and human warehouses. Logistics management.
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