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by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-16
Popular all kinds of personalized following from the market now is to use the following laser printing machine printed, following from the printer is a can be directly used in the following, computer casings, such as arbitrary planar texture character printing, its operation is very simple, printing colour is gorgeous, effect is distinct, and scratch-resistant, prevent discoloration. Then the following printing machine printing what are the steps? Following from the printer is universal laser printing machine, is a kind of contact with the substrates are not universal laser printing machine inkjet, can directly in the following from surface to print individual character color pattern. Below is a general process for following from printer: first step: put you want to print the pattern on the computer drawing software a little processing, adjust the brightness, color simple typography. The second step: to print the following on the suction platform, because the platform is suction, so following from do not need to be fixed. If it is printing splicing patterns can put multiple following, if multiple following from print one or more picture need to be done in drawing software layout, then put the following. But when put the following from is important to note that don't is beyond the scope of following from printing machine to print. Step 3: to edit a good pattern import photoprint printing software, click on the print. Step 4: print can remove the printed immediately after the completion of following, direct shipment. This is because the following printing machine using UV ink, can play the dry, instant. Can also be printed to complete the following from taking down on side of the air buy a few minutes, can make the ink more firm, after the ink completely dry solid, following from scratch resistant stronger to make printing. Above following from printing machine operation process is generally printed following the steps, if you want a special process such as 3 d, anaglyph effect, operation steps are different, we can understand more comprehensive to the uv printer manufacturer process.
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