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What are the transmission mechanisms of the cutting machine receiving frame of the laser equipment manufacturer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-22
What are the transmission mechanisms of the cutting machine receiving frame of the laser equipment manufacturer? Hello everyone, do you all know about laser equipment manufacturers? I will explain it for you in detail. Fiber laser cutting machine The materials and ideas of fiber laser cutting machine include transmission components, vertical take-off and landing aircraft negotiation support mechanism, the ideological structure of transmission components driven by driving, driving gear and driven gear transmission components and output shaft, transmission The gear set setting remains unchanged, and the ideological structure continues to be promoted. The rotor is continuous, the driving gear and the driven gear are meshed, the driven gear is set and the continuous output shaft, the vertical take-off mechanism set on the output shaft is canceled, and the support mechanism is constant vertical take-off The mechanism enables the function of the supporting mechanism to deviate vertically along a straight line. The driving mechanism drives the vertical take-off and landing mechanism of the transmission component, and mobilizes the support mechanism to move linearly along the vertical bias. When the pipe material is lighter, the surplus vertical landing gear negotiation support organization can be removed, which reduces the economic cost. Active feeding rack used for joint fiber laser cutting machine applications. The top surface of the bottom rack is a slanted surface lower than the back side. The center position of the base material and the asynchronous motor. The asynchronous motor output continues the joint shaft and connecting rod. The orbiting at both ends of the shaft is suitable for the transmission gear, the gear transmission chain, the vertical cylinder that sets the side position of the orbit of the base material, the piston cylinder is placed on the brake, the cylinder under the brake block is mobilized for loading operation, and the base material department holds the front limit switch. Limit switch, limit switch, after limit switch, asynchronous motor, cylinder split and main box, the outer box remains unchanged in the base material rack; perhaps it can replace the role of the ancient two people to improve the material, improve the compliance of the pipe, and work The task intensity of the personnel is low and the work is safe, which may be able to meet the needs of one more machine operation. The fiber laser cutting machine body and the feeding side, the feeding side support plate, the support plate are sequentially equipped with an inclined plate, a limit plate and a support table. The lower end of the inclined plate is close to the limit plate, and the limit plate and the support plate There are cracks in the space, the support plate between the limit plate and the support table is slidingly equipped with a top plate, the support plate under the inclined plate is slidingly configured with a push plate, and the supporting plate is slidingly configured with a drive block and a card block, and the support plate is arranged on one side There is a material lifting mechanism. The five-axis three-linkage fiber laser cutting machine uses the push plate to push the pipe that slides down on the inclined plate to the top plate, the top plate pushes the pipe up, the pipe reaches the block, and the block pushes the pipe onto the support table to support the drive on the table The block pushes the pipe to the pneumatic chuck of the five-axis three-linkage fiber laser cutting machine body to complete the active feeding. Maikeshi Sign Technology Co., Ltd. will provide you with more information about laser equipment manufacturers, please feel free to pay attention to our website:
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