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What are the typical features of digital printing machine is? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-15
To really understand the digital printing machine, also analyzed from the aspects of its usage and function, so you can choose the digital printing machine is more suitable for you! So, how does the use of digital printing machine? What are the typical features of digital printing machine is? Next, one of the few global a collection of digital textile printing machine and digital textile printing ink of the r&d and manufacture of integrated manufacturer & ndash; — Science and technology of digital solutions for you! Using digital printing machine for printing, do not need to spend a few days in advance to plate making, plate making cost and time saving, greatly improve the efficiency of sampling points minutes out of the finished product, virtually enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise sector, as long as good debugging machine operators, on the computer software fix printing design, import it into the laser printing machine software, confirm the machines with good ink in standby mode, cloth on the operating table, can start the digital printing process, make the printing. And the characteristics of the digital printing machine acknowledged there are a few points: 1, the operation is simple, no need plate making, wysiwyg, fast delivery, digital printing machine itself has the function is relatively complete, each key in the process of use have their own advantages, as long as according to the operation steps for printing production, the reject rate will be very low. 2, to a small BYC - 4060 double nozzle digital printing machine as an example, an hour to print the finished product can be up to around 40, medium-sized BYC - More than 1290 nozzle high-speed printing machine, for example, printing the finished product has about 120 pieces per hour, most redundant personalization manufacturer is enough. Digital printing machine 3, a print, does not need plate making in advance, so it is with a digital printing machine proofing can save more time, improve the efficiency of proofing. 4, digital printing machine operation process is very easy to get started, as long as through formal training, the staff can be competent for this job soon. 5, digital printing machine printing precision is higher, design more clearly, higher customer satisfaction, let manufacturers more competitive!
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