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What brand of laser marking machine is good?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-30

The application of laser marking machine technology in domestic and foreign industries is gradually being valued by people. Various new marking systems are emerging in an endless stream. With its unique advantages, it is replacing traditional marking methods, such as stamping and printing. , Chemical corrosion, etc., mark Chinese characters, English characters, numbers, graphics, etc. on the surface of various mechanical parts, electronic components, integrated circuit modules, instruments, meters, motor nameplates, tools and even food packaging, etc. These fields have been widely used.

Some developed countries in the world have adopted this technology as a process standard for industrial processing. China also attaches great importance to this technology. The National Science and Technology Commission has listed this technology as the 'Eighth Five-Year Torch Plan' for development and promotion.

Now it has attracted the attention of more and more domestic manufacturers, and it will replace the traditional marking process and inject new vitality into product production.

Therefore, laser marking has huge development potential and broad market prospects.

Now the domestic laser market is chaotic, with a wide range of prices and brands.

Then how do we choose? What the editor tells you is 'Don't choose the expensive one, just choose the right one!' Now the use of laser marking machines has been popularized in all walks of life, and it has almost become an indispensable process on the product production line.

In the purchase process, the quality of various brands is uneven, and it is difficult to distinguish the pros and cons. What should users do in the face of such troubles?

Most people prefer When you buy branded things, you subconsciously think that the brands are good, and you may be very concerned about which brand of laser marking machine is good before buying.

Actually, today's society is no longer based on word-of-mouth communication, but on overwhelming advertising, industry monopoly, and various marketing methods.

The field of laser marking machines in China has experienced the era of large format, rotating mirror and galvanometer. The control method has also completed a series of control methods from software direct control to upper and lower computer control to real-time processing and time-sharing multiplexing. Evolution.

In the early stage of purchasing a laser marking machine, I must first understand what are the mainstream laser marking machines today, what are their functions, and what materials are processed.

Such as: co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, etc.

What you need to know before buying is: beam quality, configuration aspects, practicality, post-maintenance problems, operation problems, continuous working ability, etc.

The advantages of using laser marking machine are:

1. Fast marking speed, high efficiency, high precision, simple operation, free pattern text design.

2. Wide application range, extremely small heat affected area, no heat effect, no material burning,

3. The whole machine is small in size, low power consumption, and will not occupy The area is too large, and the requirements for the processing environment are relatively low.

4. The processing process is non-toxic and harmless, and will not cause any pollution to the working environment.

Since its establishment, laser has been adhering to the professionalism to create quality, integrity to win the future attitude, and is committed to providing customers with more professional laser solutions.

In every technology, the laser has been repeatedly verified. From research and development to delivery, a laser device goes through tedious steps and procedures to ensure the reliable stability of the device.

We continue to improve the performance of the laser marking machine while optimizing the price to a greater extent, ensuring the interests of users more vigorously, so that every customer can feel the caring service!

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