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What can the laser inkjet printer do with the metal laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-23

Now, no matter what product everyone buys, they will be very concerned about the authenticity, safety and production date of the product. These information will be displayed on the product in the form of inkjet codes. Therefore, the importance of laser inkjet printers appears particularly prominent.

Importance of laser cij printers

The following is about the use of reliable speed laser technology laser cij printers for inkjet printing Some work experience.

The first is to enhance the recognizability of the product. The speed laser technology laser Leadtech Coding machine can mark a specific mark on the product, such as brand name, trademark pattern, etc., so that It can stand out in the competition with other competitive products, improve brand awareness and expand the sales of its own products.

In addition, the laser printing machine can effectively prevent and suppress counterfeit goods after spraying the enterprise label. Track and record products. Every enterprise will use the laser inkjet printer of Speed u200bu200bLaser Technology to print the production batch number, shift and date on the product in a responsible attitude to consumers, so that consumers can understand the relevant information of the product. .

Using the speed laser technology laser cij printer, the product production batch number

In addition, if there is a problem with a batch of products , and can also trace the responsibility of the batch of products through the production date and production shift on the code, thereby improving the management efficiency of product quality.

The third is to provide a basis for making production plans. After using the laser inkjet printer to spray the corresponding information on the products, the enterprise can easily know the output of a certain batch of products, and also The production progress of this batch of products can be clearly grasped, so as to provide a strong basis for the production workshop to formulate production plans and avoid insufficient or excessive output. From the above points, I understand why companies need to use high-quality laser cij printers, and at the same time, I also understand what functions can be played after using laser inkjet printers to code products.

I understand why companies need to use high-quality laser printers

So now more and more companies are In order to improve the identifiability of products and improve the efficiency of product quality management, high-quality lasers are purchased.

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