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What challenges does the upgrading of the manufacturing industry bring to the small character inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

Today's manufacturing upgrade has brought unprecedented challenges to small character cij printers. Is it survival, development, or death? It has become a multiple choice question for printer manufacturers and printer brands. How to innovate based on the hardware and software platform of the original cij printer to realize software innovation. In order to make the operation easier, make it faster, and make its use more stable.

In today's 'one thing, one code' and 'Internet of EverythingEffect. Carry out independent information coding for each product.

Build an interactive bridge between manufacturers and consumers, realize more data value applications, and provide data decision-making basis for factory management. Of course, there are still many bright spots in non-standard customized automation in line with development trends.

The upgrading of the manufacturing industry requires more products to carry out high-precision coding. For example, mobile phone components, PCB/FPC circuit board manufacturers, SMT and other processing processes require more precise coding in many links.

The automatic coding platform for small character cij printers came into being, which can realize the modular design of the motion control system and the detection signal transmission of the visual inspection system, realize the rejection of defective products, and ensure the quality and qualification of the produced products Rate, reduce labor, and contribute the necessary strength of identification equipment to industrial intelligent and transparent production workshops.

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