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What do you think of the co2 laser marking function for the food packaging industry do?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-04

in our daily life in contact with most of the food is sold through the packaging, the individual fruit, fruit and vegetable class may not need to pack the goods. But in a supermarket common potato chips, cookies, candy, milk, yogurt, beverage, mineral water, soy sauce, seasoning, noodles, instant noodles, jelly and other goods are need to be processed and its use of packaging vacuum packaging or seal a process. It can protect the food won't spoil in a certain period of time, also won't come into contact with the air and produces chemical reaction, etc. So consumers how to identify goods shelf life? The simplest method is through the commodity packaging production date, shelf life for judgment.

we all know that 'food security' problem for consumers is extremely important, using traditional ink printed production date is valid for 'dirty' businessman provides the opportunity to change. Is according to the industry: 'we can almost expired goods production date washed off, and spray again new production date. Not only caused great harm to the health of consumers, but also seriously affected the balance of the market 'the traditional way of marking in the each aspect all has the very big loophole, severe cases can cause food poisoning and death, this kind of thing anyone not willing to see. So amiable marking technology unceasing development, most of the food packaging industry has used the carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machine.

co2 laser marking machine's main advantages are: first, co2 laser marking machine belongs to the ehs marking, therefore can meet the food safety inspection. Secondly, a laser mark effect is permanent, and marking speed is 2 times more than traditional printing ink. Thirdly, with 2 ~ 30000 hours of maintenance free time, can continuous working 24 hours a day, can meet the demand of food industry need to mass production. Fourthly, co2 laser marking is using high energy laser beam in the processed goods form a process of chemical reaction, does not require any ink supplies. Fifthly, laser marking is mainly introduced imported foreign technology, has the characteristics of stable performance, marking effect is fine. Its six, simple interface, can print a variety of identity information, meet the food packaging industry demand for commodities identity information play mark etc.

food packaging industry using co2 laser marking machine can solve what problem? First, to solve the 'dirty' businessman wants to change the date of production, to deceive consumers. Second, to better protect consumers' rights and interests, but also better protect their brand. Third, ensure expired goods in a timely manner to recycle, both to maintain long balance, at the same time increases the trust of consumers for the goods from the brand. Fourthly, to improve the efficiency of food production and processing. Fifthly, can effectively eliminate or avoid the existence of the food safety problems, reduce the unqualified commodity sales in the market. It six, it can better will be effective on the package information to consumers, let consumers can more intuitive understanding of the food source of information, etc.

all in all, co2 laser marking machine is able to resolve the food packaging industry code, bar code, origin, production date, batch number, trademarks, anti-counterfeiting code, such as information, both in terms of food safety problem to consider or from the aspects such as efficiency, brand packaging, environmental protection, laser marking equipment have become the trend of food packaging industry. Those who violate the food safety significance of traditional processing mode has been eliminated, will be replaced by ehs zero supplies various types of laser marking equipment.
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