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What effect does temperature have on UV inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03

When using a UV inkjet printer, heat the temperature to between 20°C and 40°C. Only this temperature range can ensure smooth ink output and clear printing of the inkjet printer. Too high or too low temperature will cause inkjet printing. The ink UV inkjet printer malfunctions or has a certain impact on printing. What are the main effects of temperature on UV cij printers? 1. The ideal working temperature of the inkjet printer is about 20-40 degrees. Low and high will affect the ink viscosity of the machine and cause poor printing results. 2. After using the inkjet printer for a long time, the temperature of the cij printer will increase, so you need to use a water chiller. The function of the water chiller is to cool the UV lamp in the UV high-speed inkjet printer. 3. Many users have such doubts. Under normal circumstances, how much should the water cooling temperature of the chiller be adjusted to? Set the water temperature of the chiller at 20-30 degrees. The temperature control effect of the chiller is achieved.

Problems that UV cij printers are prone to and their solutions 1. If there is any leakage during the use of UV cij printers, please check: (1) Check the sensitivity of the photoelectric sensor. (2) Check whether the distance between the two printed objects is greater than the distance between the detection point of the photoelectric sensor and the nozzle. 2. If you find that the content printed by the UV inkjet printer is incomplete, you can solve it by the following method: when editing the information, move the starting position of the cursor back one space, and then edit the content, the above problem will no longer occur. 3. When the printed content is fuzzy, please check whether the distance between the nozzle and the printed product is too high. The printing distance is 5-6mm, if the distance is too high, please lower the height of the nozzle. 4. The solution when the nozzle of the UV inkjet printer is clogged: When the nozzle is found to be slender clogged during the use of the inkjet printer, and the printing effect is affected, the machine should be stopped as soon as possible, and the ink should be squeezed after suspending the coding. Check whether each nozzle of the print head is in a smooth condition, and then check the effect of printing.

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