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What factors affect the price of a fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-11

The price of fiber laser marking machines has always been a commonplace issue. The price of fiber laser marking machines on the market ranges from more than 10,000 to hundreds of thousands. Why is the price difference of a fiber laser marking machine? How big is it? Today, Xiaobian interprets the price of fiber laser marking machine in detail from the aspects of hardware cost, region, brand, after-sales and profit points.

1. Hardware cost

To understand the hardware cost of the fiber laser marking machine, you need to know the hardware cost of the fiber laser marking machine. The hardware structure composition is analyzed. The modules of the fiber laser marking machine are divided into fiber laser, 1064nm galvanometer, 1064nm field mirror (lens), control card, power supply, cabinet, industrial computer (including display), and electronic components (relays), electronic link devices, etc.

1. Fiber Laser

Fiber laser is the core optical device, the quality of the laser determines the stability of the equipment, Processing effect, life and other factors, in the fiber laser marking machine, the 20W pulsed fiber laser is usually used, and some special purposes use the MOPA (adjustable pulse width) fiber laser. This article will use the ordinary 20W pulsed fiber laser. Lasers are discussed as a case.

Fiber laser brands are divided into domestic brands and imported brands:

Domestic mainstream brands: Wuhan Raycus, Shenzhen Chuang Xin, Shenzhen Jieput, Chongqing 26, Fujian Zhongke Guanghui, etc.

Imported brands: American IPG, SPI, TRUMPF, Coherent, etc.

The price of fiber lasers is the key factor to open the price of the overall fiber laser marking machine. The price difference between different brands of domestic fiber lasers is 1000-5000 yuan , which also opened up the price difference of the fiber laser marking machine. The price difference between imported and domestic pulsed 20W fiber lasers has reached 15,000-23,000 yuan. Often the manufacturer will specify the source of the laser, which manufacturer it is from, to indicate the difference of the whole fiber laser marking machine.

2, 1064nm galvanometer

The galvanometer is an optical device The core device is to verify that the quality of the galvanometer is distinguished by factors such as stability, speed, processing effect, etc. The common galvanometers on the market are divided into analog galvanometers, digital analog galvanometers and pure digital galvanometers. Different processing requirements configure galvanometers. Different mirror models have different prices. Pure digital galvanometers have higher deflection speeds and are more expensive.

Galvanometers are also divided into domestic brands and imported brands:

Domestic mainstream brands: Century Sonny, Steer, Jin Hai Chuang and so on.

Imported brands: SCANLAB, SILL, CTI, RAYLASE, etc.

The price difference of the galvanometer is also an important factor to open the price of the overall fiber laser marking machine. The price difference between different brands of domestic galvanometers is between 500-15000. The difference is very large, and customers often cannot distinguish in this regard. It is the difference between the digital galvanometer and the analog galvanometer. In most cases, the difference lies in the price. Among them, there are also some bad manufacturers. Taobao buys a galvanometer for one or two hundred yuan to pretend to be a galvanometer for 5,000 yuan, which requires customers to screen during the purchase process. The difference between the imported vibrating mirror and the domestic vibrating mirror used for marking is even greater, and the difference price is between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan. Some special custom galvos are more expensive. For this hardware cost alone, the price of the fiber laser marking machine can buy some low-cost fiber laser marking machines.

3. 1064 field lens (lens)

The field lens also becomes a lens, or focusing lens, theoretically speaking , the smaller the processing width of the lens, the smaller the focusing spot, and the better the marked processing effect, which is of course related to other parameters. The distinction of the lens mainly comes from the consideration of the effective area of u200bu200bprocessing and the stability of use.

The brands of lenses are also divided into domestic and imported brands. The difference is that the lenses used as fiber laser marking machines are highly replaceable by domestic products. Usually, the telecentric lens uses imported lenses, which are mainly used for cutting and marking for special purposes, and the processing size lenses above 110*110mm are usually used for marking purposes. The price difference between different brands and models is between 200-2000 yuan. Of course, if you use imported multi-piece lenses, the price difference will reach more than 10,000 yuan.

4. Control cards

There are many brands and models of control cards, and the most widely used ones are Golden Orange As well as Yi Anrui, etc., different manufacturers use different brands, and there are many pirated control cards on the market. Of course, some manufacturers use self-developed control cards, which can further reduce hardware costs.

5. Industrial computer/monitor

Generally speaking, it is a computer, such as a handheld fiber laser marking machine. They are all notebook computers, and the price of the computer is highly transparent. One set is 1500-5000 yuan. Customers can also configure them by themselves. With different configurations, customers can also know the price range.

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