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What factors affect the price of laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-09

   With the growth of the ultra-fine processing market, the demand for laser marking machines has also increased, and various marking machine manufacturers have emerged one after another, and various UV laser marking machines Prices are also different, and some are even far apart. What factors affect the price of laser marking machines?

  1. Different models lead to different prices


   Before purchasing a laser marking machine, you must first determine the material, material, type, and type of the product to be marked, and whether it needs to meet the production method of the assembly line. First, judge the suitable marking machine through the analysis of these points. The reason for considering this factor is not only to better meet the marking needs, but also to avoid unnecessary capital investment. Common laser marking machines can be divided into: carbon dioxide, fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and many other different models. Different models, different materials, and their prices are also different.

  Second, the production process and technical level lead to different prices

  Due to the different domestic and foreign markets, their production in the production process of laser marking machines The difference in craftsmanship and technical level has also led to the price gap of laser marking machines between different manufacturers. Generally speaking, the price of better equipment among imported laser marking machines reaches more than 100,000 yuan, and the price of cheap laser marking machines is also Above 70,000 yuan, while domestically produced ones are obviously much cheaper.

  3. High-quality service leads to different prices

   Generally, the warranty period of purple laser equipment is one year, so the price is more favorable than other laser equipment companies ; Some laser companies have a three-year warranty, but most laser machines have a service life within two or three years;   

  4. Different configurations lead to different prices

  Different configuration prices are naturally different, and the price is qualitatively based on the configuration. Good laser accessories can bring good advantages to the laser marking machine. Good laser quality does not require strict position matching like crystal technology for the ingested light source, and can absorb the photoelectric uniformly and automatically; the application of the laser also affects the whole The power consumption has been reduced, so lower heat generation and loss and low-energy heat will not damage anything; the output energy can be divided into more energy, and the coordinated line can be increased for multi-beam Coordinate and concentrate work; the requirements for the environment are also lower, and the tolerance for dust and temperature can be competent in a variety of environments.


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