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What factors will affect the efficiency of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-01

The laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, and almost all kinds of commodities can be marked by laser.

For the daily production of the factory, it is not hoped that marking will take too long. However, if the equipment is not debugged or the appropriate equipment is not selected, it will affect the marking efficiency and waste time.

So, what specific factors will affect the efficiency of the laser marking machine?  Functional characteristics of the system software  The software is the control and command center of the entire system and the brain of the laser marking machine. A good system software can not only be easy and simple to operate, but also can make up for some defects in the hardware.

'The focusing performance of the laser beam' The focusing performance of the laser beam mainly depends on whether the focusing point of the laser beam is sufficiently concentrated.

Sufficiently concentrated, then it can get the ideal laser spot, and can apply the high energy density characteristics of the laser to complete the laser marking process.

  The mechanical accuracy of the workbench  The workbench is a mechanical part that drives the movement of the laser beam, and its accuracy directly affects the accuracy of laser marking.

  Optical system   Optical system plays an important function of laser beam transmission, and its good work is also one of the prerequisites for laser marking machine.

  Laser beam moving speed  In the process of laser and material interaction, the laser beam moving speed is a very important parameter, which affects the effect of laser and material.

  The working condition of auxiliary equipment  Good auxiliary equipment can not only extend the service life of the hardware, but also improve the effect of laser marking.


  The characteristics of the material itself

   Different materials interact with lasers to produce different effects. When using laser marking machines, pay attention to the interaction between different lasers and materials.

   What factors will affect the efficiency of laser marking machine, do you understand? Only by choosing according to your own needs can you better meet the needs of production.

Of course, for companies, they cannot blindly reduce the quality of marking because of efficiency.

For the packaging of a product, a slight difference may make the packaging design go to waste.

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