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What factors will affect the marking speed of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-11

The main parameters of the laser marking machine are wavelength, frequency, marking range, marking depth, marking speed, repeatability, etc. The marking speed of different types of laser marking machines is also different. What are the factors that affect the marking speed of the laser marking machine?

1. The size of the laser spot of the laser marking machine is also a factor that affects the marking speed. The larger the spot, the faster the marking speed. The smaller the spot, the marking area will change accordingly. Therefore, the spot size will also have a certain influence on the marking speed.

2. The size of the marking area. The large-format marking is definitely not as fast as the small-format marking, because the deflection of the large-format marking galvanometer is much larger, which will naturally have a certain impact on the marking speed.

3. The depth of the laser marking machine marking is an important factor affecting the marking speed: if in the marking process, the depth of If the requirements are deep, it is necessary to adjust the parameters of the laser marking machine, increase the marking power of the laser marking machine, and increase the current, which will affect the marking speed of the equipment during the marking machine process.

4. The density of marking characters will also affect the speed. In the case of the same marking area, the same light spot and the same marking depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the marking speed. target area.

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