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What functions can the variable two-dimensional code inkjet printer help customers achieve?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-10

With the advancement of printing technology and the improvement of product identification requirements, the demand for variable QR codes on products has gradually been paid attention since 2018; more and more inkjet printer identification equipment manufacturers have begun to Focus on the Ru0026D and manufacturing of barcode and QR code printing functions.

Production and processing enterprises print QR codes on products to trace the entire life cycle of products, control product circulation, and post-marketing promotion, including big data collection, market feedback surveys, and consumer inquiries about authenticity. Provided technical support, and the scope of application has become wider and wider.

The UV inkjet printer needs to be used with a UV curing lamp, which can make the ink dry quickly and achieve high adhesion, not easy to fall off, high definition, and fast scanning recognition speed. Generally, it is automatically produced in the production workshop. Online integrated installation and use, high-speed online Leadtech Coding on roll film or flexible packaging materials.

What functions can the variable two-dimensional code cij printer help customers achieve?

According to the communication protocol, 'one object, one code' is realized through data transmission, and variable two-dimensional code assignment is realized on the outer packaging of each product, providing an 'identity information' for each product, which is beneficial to In the later tracking and traceability, the following main functions can be realized by scanning code identification:

1. Information acquisition (business card, map, WIFI password, data)

2. Website jump ( Jump to Weibo, mobile website, website)

3. Advertising push (users scan the code to directly browse the video and audio advertisements pushed by the merchant)

4. Mobile e-commerce ( The user scans the code, and the mobile phone directly purchases an order)

5. Anti-counterfeiting traceability (the user scans the code to view the production location; at the same time, the final consumption location can be obtained in the background)

6. Discounts Promotion (user scan code, download electronic coupon, lottery)

7. Membership management (user's mobile phone to obtain electronic membership information, VIP service)

8. Mobile payment (scan goods QR code, complete the payment through the mobile phone channel provided by the bank or third-party payment)

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